Sunday, June 4, 2017

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dyan's ring

Dyan came to me with a ring that had four colored diamonds in it. The LARGE centre piece was a diamond that had already been taken out and put into a pendant. She's a horse lover and spends more time in the stables than at cocktail parties which is what the original ring was made for!  She loves daisies so that was a perfect starting point for my design inspiration. The ring recycled the gold and four colored diamonds from the original band. Now she has a ring that can be worn everyday and fits into her lifestyle.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Harvey's ring

Harvey came to me with a project that I had to do some experimenting with before I would commit. His dad was a hobby gold miner and Harvey inherited several ounces of unrefined gold from him along with a beautiful ruby. He really wanted to use that metal in a custom ring. The first ingot I made from the rough material was so full of impurities that is just crumbled when I hit it with a hammer. FYI gold should not do that! I added some sterling silver to the mix and came up with an alloy that let me work with it without it crumbling away with each file stroke. He was a gliding instructor so we came up with a design that was ionspired by the glider he flew. The call letters on the wings are his initials and his grand-daughters. She will be inheriting the ring from her grandfathers made with gold her great-grandfather mined. That is a wonderful family keepsake!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Terry and Ken's rings

Congratulations to Terry and Ken for getting married after over 25 years of being together! Ken gave Terry this beautiful green tourmaline and Terry had been carrying it in his wallet for over 2 decades. He took it out since the small plastic bag it was in was in rough shape. A week later, I walked into his salon and became a new client. He was thrilled when he found out I could make him a ring out of this long loved stone. Now the stone is showed off instead of being tucked away. I think it's extra special since it was used in their ceremony and Ken has a matching ring.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Leigh's Ring

Leigh commissioned me to make a ring for his daughter's upcoming grad. He had had a really good idea about what she wanted which always helps me out a lot! He came in with some pictures and an assortment of stones. He purchased some emeralds and rubies at an auction 30 years ago and wondered if we should use them. The stones were not the best quality, but I just love the idea of him having them well before he started a family and now having one go in his daughters ring. That is what I  think is so amazing about jewelry- the stories that go beyond the physical piece. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dayle's ring

Dayle came to me with a bag of old gold jewelry and a list of projects she wanted. The most interesting thing to me was about her loot was the dozen sapphires that she had. Her sister owned a sapphire mine in Australia and had given her some beautiful green and yellow natural stones to use. The sapphire we chose to use for this ring was called 'Party'. I'm sure her sister named it that because it is so full of life and sparkle! 

Sondi's pendant

Sondi's parents had found this beautiful fire opal and wanted it put into a piece of jewelry for her 40th birthday. My first thought was to use a diamond on the top, but a garnet was such a great compliment to the opal. It just so happens to be January's birthstone too!