Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leslie's second ring

Leslie had her father's white gold wedding band and wanted to use it to made a ring with the second garnet that she bought at the Tucson Gem Show. She likes my concave ring design, but it is a heavy ring that would have required double the gold. I was able to use that model and tapper the top and the back of the ring so that it became lighter but was still able to accommodate the larger garnet. Now she has two garnet rings to wear!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sondi's ring

Sondi has a big beautiful family of four kids. She had a white gold family ring that she wasn't happy with and sent it off to me to be reborn. The ring had a blue topaz for her husband and four diamonds for the kids. I suggested making it into a stacking ring- each ring reflects the different personalities in the family. I was able to reuse the white gold on three of the rings and then two are in silver. The patterns in the silver ones will darken over time to stand out more. Big family= big ring!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kelly's ring

Kelly and her fiance Craig came to see me at a show to discuss making an engagement/ wedding ring. Kelly had a ring from her Grandmother that had this beautiful, large aquamarine in it. I love it when clients can add a personal touch to their wedding ring. Like most rings from long ago, the stone seemed even larger than it's 12mm since it was set in a very small setting with a thin wave of gold around it. I carved the ring in wax so I could keep the wave feel of the original, but add some bulk to make it modern. Kelly loves it and now has a new/old ring to get married with!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New designs

We built a new house and I am surrounded by beautiful wood- cherry, fir, and cedar. I found myself looking at the knots in our fir floor and realized that it is a type of swirl, irregular and usually oval. This is the inspiration for my new series, even though its based on an old theme of mine! Keep checking the shopping link on Etsy to see more of the designs as I make them.