Saturday, May 28, 2011

Donna's ring

Donna is one of my faithful customers and I always see her at my Christmas shows. This year she came out to see me at a spring show and handed me a bag of old jewelry, most notable, and old diamond ring. She liked the pink gold ring I did with the rubalite, so I modified that design a bit and made it in yellow gold with a white gold setting. The diamond is larger than the rubalite, so I was able to make it chunkier with larger shoulders. Now this diamond will not longer sit in a jewelry box!

Amy's ring

Amy is a wonderful creative person that works in many mediums. Right now she is working in clay and ceramics and I think that reflects the design she chose for her engagement ring. This ring is all about texture and irregularity. I love the contrast that the three sharp and clear diamonds have to the rough 'clay' like metal. Even though the ring is not refined it seems to have an elegance to it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring shows 2011

It was a busy spring. I almost felt as busy as I do at Christmas time... well, not quite! First I was off to Vancouver for my first ever show there. Then, back to Kelowna, pack up the Subaru and off to Calgary. Signatures shows put on the first ever spring show there which holds some promise. Next it was off to Edmonton for the fifth Butterdome spring show. There was a lot of great work there. Its so good to see a high quality show! I have come back with several projects from my Alberta customers, so stay tuned for some new blogs. Now I better get into the studio!