Thursday, December 30, 2010

looking ahead to 2011

For the past five years I have traveled to Tucson, Arizona to purchase gemstones for that years jewelry production. Every year I spend too much money and come home with gems that I purchase but don't make anything with. It is such a shame to have all of these beautiful stones sitting in plastic bags instead of sparkling in a piece of jewelry! So this brings me to 2011 New Years resolution:

January 2011 is One of a Kind Month
I am going to design a piece of jewelry 'a day' and post it on my site on for purchase. This will give me that chance to make unique things that will not be duplicated since the stones I am using are not possible to find again. Etsy seems like the best place to post my new creations and have them available for sale. I plan to have a photo of the stone that is going to be used posted on this blog. Once the design is done, it will be posted on Etsy. I am hoping that the sales of these pieces accomplish two things:
• inspire me
• allow me to purchase more beautiful gems in February

Stay tuned- I hope you are as excited about this as I am! January 3rd will see me back in the studio. That is the day that I will start digging through my gems!

2010 Year end

Christmas craft show season has come and gone in one big blur. It always surprises me how quickly it is upon me (how did September get here so soon?), how the panic sets in (I'll never have time to make everything!), and then how I can sit with a coffee one morning and calmly look back at it (I did it!).

I always enjoy meeting the people that support my passion. Thank you all for letting me do what I love to do! I hope that all of the gifts purchased will be enjoyed and that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.