Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sue's pendant

Sue trusted me with an interesting project. She found me on Etsy and send me a picture of an actress wearing a necklace that her daughter just loved. She wanted me to make it and surprise her daughter on her birthday with the piece. We couldn't find the perfect picture, but knew that it was cross like and was made with garnets. I'm hoping to get the perfect picture of her daughter wearing the surprise piece!

Heather's ring

Heather is one of my best friends and celebrated a big birthday this year. She comes with me to the Tucson Gem show and her eagle eye helps me find great stones. Our group of friends chipped in and gave her some money to buy a special birthday stone. She found this beautiful strawberry colored cushion cut spinel. I took it back to Kelowna with me and then 'surprised' her with the finished ring.

Trish's pendant

I have know Trish for a very long time- she was one of my elementary school teachers! She came to me with a personal project using jewelry from a loved one that had passed. I used a combination of casting and hand building to finish the piece. Now it is a remembrance that she can wear close to her heart.